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              Application field

              Application field

            2. Industrial
            3. Smart grid
            4. New energy vehicles
            5. Rail
            6. 1. 5G base station power supply and data center power supply

              The communication power supply is the energy bank for server and base station communication, providing power for various transmission equipment to ensure the normal operation of the communication system. The high-frequency characteristics of silicon carbide power modules make the magnetic unit in the power circuit smaller and lighter, and the overall power supply efficiency is higher.

              2. Industrial Drive

              Silicon carbide power modules are widely used in the speed control of various motors in the industry, variable frequency welding machines, motor soft starting, large-capacity rectifier power supplies in the electrochemical industry, and high-frequency and medium-frequency induction heating power supplies in the metallurgical industry. DC electric arc furnace power supply and other occasions, will improve operating efficiency and reduce power consumption.

              3. Big data center power supply system

              The server power supply is the server energy bank, and the server provides power to ensure the normal operation of the server system. The use of silicon carbide power modules in server power supplies can improve the power density and efficiency of server power supplies, reduce the overall size of the data center, reduce the overall construction cost of the data center, and achieve higher environmental efficiency.

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