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              About us

              Yuanshan(Jinan)Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

              Yuanshan (Jinan) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China's third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide application industry, specializing in the research and development and industrialization of silicon carbide power modules. The company's technology research and development began in 2015. It has an international research and development team, and its core members include many doctors from well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad.
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              Industrial application
              Smart grid
              New energy vehicles

              Application field

              Industrial application

              The communication power supply is the energy bank for server and base station communication, providing power for various transmission equipment to ensure the normal operation of the communication system. More+

              Smart grid

              On the power generation side, rectifiers and inverters in wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation use silicon carbide power modules, which can improve the power conversion efficiency. At the transmission end, the FACTS flexible power transmission technology in UHVDC transmission requires a large number of silicon carbide power modules to achieve high-voltage and high-efficiency power transmission. More+

              New energy vehicles

              Silicon carbide power modules have the characteristics of high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance and low energy loss, and are very suitable for applications requiring high energy efficiency and space size, especially in the field of electric vehicles, such as electric vehicle chargers (OBC). ), charging piles, motor controllers, vehicle-mounted DC-DC converters More+


              Silicon carbide power modules can achieve further high efficiency and miniaturization of train traction converters, power electronic transformers, auxiliary converters, and auxiliary power supplies, which can greatly reduce the weight of the entire vehicle, achieve higher efficiency and reduce operating costs. More+

              Product show

              • Silicon carbide
              • Driver board

              News Releases

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              Yuanshan Electronic

              Address:No. 1929, Middle Section of Mili Road, Mili Lake, Huaiyin District, Jinan
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